Andersson Bibliography, Part II

JOHAN GUNNAR ANDERSSON (1874-1960): A Comprehensive Bibliography

Compiled by Magnus Fiskesjö (Dept. Anthropology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA; email:
Compiled 2001-ongoing. Revised most recently 2 October 2012.
— Titles originally in Swedish, Japanese or Chinese are mostly translated into English [within square brackets]; French and German titles are not translated. — “xx” indicates missing information. — in chronological order, earliest first; except for translations, listed directly after the original work
— I wish to thank Drs. Chen Xingcan, Björn Sundquist, Bertil Lundahl, George “Rip” Rapp, and many others, for their help with revisions. — The aim is a complete bibliography. Contributions of new materials or corrections are welcome, and can be sent to me at — An early (outdated) version of this bibliography is available on the Internet at the Projekt Runeberg, — Please use this version, and please quote it when appropriate.

Part II. Writings ABOUT Andersson and his works: An eclectic list

Attached as PDF:

JGAnderssonBIBLIO-Part II-revOct2012


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